Treatment strategy

  • Do you understand the concepts of treat-2-target and NEDA?
    Has anyone discussed a treatment target with you, including the need to rebaseline your disease activity? Have the concepts of preventing end-organ damage to the central nervous system (the ‘end-organ’ in MS) and brain volume loss or atrophy been broached?
  • How immunosuppressed are you?
    Do you understand the difference between short-term intermittent and long-term continuous immunosuppression? Here we address another of the key questions to consider before deciding on a specific disease-modifying therapy (DMT).
  • How do I want my MS to be treated?
    What is the difference between a maintenance ̶ escalation DMT and an immune reconstitution therapy (IRT)? Why is it important to understand the distinction?
  • Am I eligible for an MS disease-modifying therapy?
    Do you know the eligibility criteria for MS disease-modifying therapies? And who decides what drugs can be prescribed for your MS?
  • What are the consequences of not treating MS?
    Are there valid reasons not to treat MS with a disease-modifying therapy? What are the consequences of not treating MS? Is watchful waiting justified?

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