Switching: overview

Any decision to switch from your current DMT to a different drug should be made in close consultation with your MS neurologist and care team. First, consider why switching might be beneficial in your situation. Some important reasons to switch are:

  • evidence of MS disease worsening
  • an adverse event from your current treatment
  • a co-existing disease that complicates your disease management
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The more you understand your options, the better you can participate in informed, shared decisions about your ongoing treatment.

The grid below provides a quick way to identify the information relevant to your situation. The cell colours should help you to decide which options to explore.

For a full summary about switching to a specific DMT (or class of DMTs), click on the drug name in the left-hand panel of the grid below (best viewed on a laptop or tablet).

To find information about a specific switch option:

  • find the drug or drug class you wish to switch from in the top row of the grid
  • follow down that column to a ‘Switch to’ option; click on that cell.
  • S1P modulators include fingolimod, siponimod, ozanimod and ponesimod.
  • Anti-CD20 therapies include ocrelizumab, ofatumumab and ublituximab.
  • Fumarates include dimethyl fumarate and diroximel fumarate.