About MS-Selfie

Our objectives

Welcome to MS-Selfie! If you are someone living with multiple sclerosis (MS), this website is for you. It will empower you to know the key questions to ask and the decisions you need to make when managing your MS. Hence MS-Selfie (self-management).

Essential aspects of your treatment strategy to discuss with your MS team should include whether to start on a disease-modifying therapy (DMT), your choice of DMT, when to consider switching treatment, and how to manage symptoms associated with your MS and interpret the side effects of medications. Some of the information is time-limited and will change as new data emerge; more material will be added as we further develop the website.

Who we are

I am Professor Gavin Giovannoni (‘Prof G’), an experienced neurologist specialising in MS. I work within the National Health Service (NHS) in England. My vision is for a future where patients and healthcare professionals collaborate in the management of MS in a hybrid world. To find out why I became an MS neurologist, read my back story . You can read about my professional background in my official biography.

Supporting me in the development of this site are Ruth Bentley (healthcare communications) and Sharon Squires (IT and computing).

Subscriptions and donations

Many of the articles on this site started their life as MS‑Selfie Newsletters. Subscribers to Prof G’s MS‑Selfie Newsletters and Case Studies have contributed, via a paid subscription, to the development and maintenance costs of this site. Thank you to all who support us in this way.

A paid subscription to Prof G’s MS‑Selfie Newsletters and Case studies allows you to request feedback from Prof G on your specific MS queries. Other readers may wish to support this website directly, via our secure Donations link.

We want the information on this site and on Prof G’s MS‑Selfie to be available to all who can be helped by it, however, so please don’t feel obliged to pay for a subscription or a donation.