Stages of MS

If you have been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), we suggest you start by reading the article entitled What should I expect during the diagnostic consultation? You may also find it helpful to read a short guide that many MS care teams in the UK routinely provide as background information to individuals new to managing their disease: Brain health: a guide for people with multiple sclerosis.

For those who are keen to understand more about living with MS and shared decision-making, we suggest you read the key questions to ask about managing your MS. Please be aware that everyone’s MS is different. MS-Selfie aims to arm you with knowledge and strategies to manage your disease, to have constructive discussions with your MS team and to help you keep your brain and body as healthy as possible.

  • What should I expect during the diagnostic consultation?
    The practice of neurology and medicine varies worldwide, so I will explain what to expect if you were to consult me. 
  • Do I have active MS?
    Before deciding to start a disease-modifying therapy you need to know if you have active MS.
  • What type of MS do I have?
    MS has historically been classified into different subtypes, and this subdivision dictates what treatments you are eligible for. These MS disease subtypes are not supported biologically, however, and many MS neurologists are of the opinion that MS is one disease.

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